French Producer Ray Monica Presents Summer Hit ‘Keeping It Sunny’ | Music News


Rapper and producer Ray Monica from France released his new EP C0LL4G£ on July 10. Lead song of the Rap EP is the summer track “Keeping it Sunny“.


Ray Monica is 22 years old and was raised in different countries. Living in France, Switzerland and the United States he already started producing music at the age of 15. During his childhood he came into contact with many musical influences due to his family.


In 2016 his career truly began when Ray moved to the United Kingdom. He started to create his music from his bedroom and released series of singles which were later gathered in two EP’s. In 2019 Ray released his first album COCKTAIL, after experimenting with different styles and flows.


Now he takes his career one step further with the new EP C0LL4G£. The lead song “Keeping it Sunny” is according to Ray “a real summer tune guaranteed to melt your ice-cream”. The song is guided by a warm keyboard, funky bongos and a groovy baseline.


“Keeping it Sunny” makes you forget about everyday life and worries through an energetic and vibrant sound. You want to head to the beach immediately and enjoy the sun. Listen to the song and the EP C0LL4G£ below.





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