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Full Crate x Mar have slowly been gaining momentum on the music scene. Known separately through tracks such as Full Crate’s “Island Girl” featuring Bluey Robinson and Mar’s “Long For You,” the duo have created another beautiful and sensual late-night track.


A slight shift from their silky deep-house track “Nobody Else,” Full Crate x Mar keep their charm intact with, “Gorgeous,” a slower R&B number.


According to the duo:


A woman is Gorgeous. [Gorgeous] tells the story of a woman discovering her powers within.”


Well, for sure, we’re all ears for this super sleek track.


“Gorgeous” can be found on Full Crate X Mar’s forthcoming collaborative EP, Woman, and judging by their past tracks including, “Conversations With Her,” “Man x Woman” and “Her Window“, it’s going to be a very sexy and laid-back collection that merges perfectly with Full Crate’s production, Mar’s seductive vocals and their late night vibes.


Have a listen to “Gorgeous” down below and if you want more of the soulful dutch duo check them out here and here.





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