Gary Oldman To Play Winston Churchill In ‘Darkest Hour’ | Film News


Gary Oldman has a knack for playing classic English gentlemen. His George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, even his turn as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter franchise, had delightful edges to them. Now he can add Winston Churchill to his repertoire as it has been reported that he shall play the iconic war leader in a new World War II drama titled Darkest Hour.


His role in the project will see him team up with Atonement director, Joe Wright. Set in the 1940s, Darkest Hour will find the bulldog Prime Minister leading an exhausted Britain threatened with subjugation by Nazi Germany. Under pressure to strike a deal with Hitler and essentially become a Nazi puppet state, Churchill wrestles with the idea and decides not to surrender.


The project is both produced and written by Anthony McCarten, having been a long-time ambition for the man behind The Theory of Everything. Shooting of Darkest Hour will commence in July.



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