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Artist Genevieve Dawson has released her new single “Tight Lips”, via Herta Records today, March 20. This single will be the second of her first album Letters I Won’t Send scheduled for release on May 1st and recorded entirely in the studio she built herself in a church in North London.


Genevieve Dawson lives in London but was born in Edinburgh. She is the winner of the Drake Yolanda Award for Emerging Artists in 2019. For her sounds, she is inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling and is also inspired by lyric poetry. A strong musical community has gathered around her music and her audience is very loyal.


Her single “Mountain” was applauded by BBC Radio London as “Really beautiful music”, and Bittersweet Symphonies advises you to “See her and her band any chance you get”. Her album Letter I Won’t Send was co-produced and designed by Rotem Haguel and Rick Leigh who were, like Genevieve, former students of Goldsmiths.


Her single “Tight Lips” is about the irresistible feeling of an initial attraction that cannot be held back. On this track, Chelsea Carmichael plays the sensual and bewitching saxophone line. Don’t miss this song that’ll take you somewhere else!


Listen to it here:




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