Genra Releases New Single ‘Day Ones’ To Thank His Supporters | Music News


The new single from Genra titled “Day Ones” is a thank you to all of his supporters that have been with him during his career. For the track, Genra will be hosting a Spotify virtual release party and subsequent music video launch upon release.


The North Oakland-based rising artist started feeling a strong passion for music since he was a kid, as his father would always make him listen to artists like Stevie Wonder, BeBe and CeCe Winans.


Growing up, everyone I was around loved music and made music casually. But for many of them, it was a phase. […] My curiousity went deeper and my desire to be an active participant became just as important as listening“, Genra says about what inspired him.


By the time he grew older, he then begun making music and recording it on tapes. His style was first shaped by a friend, who gave him a tape with nothing but jazzy boom bap instrumentals, on which he started perfecting his craft and creating his own style. His sound was so unique and particular that people often said that he had his own style, creating his “own genre“.


Speaking about the inspiration behind his new single, Genra adds that “this song is actually dedicated to the friends I’ve had that spent time with me freestylin in my Nissan Sentra. If you road with me in the Nissan Sentra, you’re a Day One“, showing his listeners that he really cares about and values true and pure friendships.


“Day Ones” comes with jazz vibes, soulful saxophone sounds and gentle piano melodies. Listen to the song below.




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