George Miller Announces ‘Mad Max’ Sequel Title – ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’ | Film News


If you’re like me and indeed everyone else on planet earth, you enjoyed the living hell out of director George Miller’s bat shit insane, adrenaline fuelled, give me more of this now, >Mad Max: Fury Road. The film got off to a fantastic start in last weekend’s box office and has received universal acclaim from critics across the globe. Fury Road really put all other actions film from this past decade to shame, proving that there is still life in the old and very much over saturated dog yet.


The quasi reboot/sequel/re-imaging of the cult classic film has the world clamouring for more apocalyptic insanity and luckily we have known for sometime that Miller is already working on potential sequels. In a recent Q & A with Jeff Goldsmith, Miller went one further and let loose that the the sequel already has a title, Mad Max: The Wasteland.


One can only imagine what ingenious fresh hell Miller will come up with for this next installment of the Tom Hardy led feature but this title will certainly help get the masses excited for whatever the auteur decides to do next. Mad Max: Fury Road is currently in cinemas everywhere. Go see it. Do it now.



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