George Zimmerman Says The Game Would Be “Perfect Opponent” For Celebrity Boxing Match | Music News


George Zimmerman says rapper Game would be the “perfect opponent” for the celebrity boxing match that is set to take place on March 1. Zimmerman agreed to take part in the “Celebrity” boxing match and he has a line-up of people wanting to fight him. While DMX put himself forward and even offered to “piss on” Zimmerman, Game also came forward and promised to “beat the fuck out of” Zimmerman, adding also to TMZ that, “I would not be boxing for me…I’d be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family“.


According to reports, Zimmerman told the event promoter Damon Feldman that “Game is the perfect opponent” for the boxing match. The event is rumored to be taking place in a secret location with a highly exclusive guestlist. Right now all we know is that a fight featuring Zimmerman will be taking place on March 1, but the question is who will get chosen to fight Zimmerman?



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