German American Artist Clide Releases New Single ‘Curve Me’

Clide returns with a new and captivating alt-pop track titled “curve me”, which is reminiscent of artists such as ROLE MODEL, Alexander 23 and Quinn XCII + underpinned by Clide’s stunning vocal. “curve me” is a bouncy, “lighthearted and self-ironic” anthem to unrequited love and the third single from his forthcoming sophomore EP feelings.

US-based German and American native Clide spent most of his childhood years in Berlin, Germany rather than America. In fact, it is where he discovered his passion for music to start with and got to create some of his own. Clide who was recently named “the best-kept secret” or “a rare talent” by music industry professionslas, is more than ready to prove each and everyone of them right.

In 2019, Clide shifted his focus to songwriting and testing his songs in underground locations in Berlin, but still in 2020, the entire world was on its toes eagerly waiting to listen to what Clide has to surprise us with, which was the EP in my mind.

Have we also mentioned that during Clide’s first year of releasing music, he has passed over 15 million streams? How often does that happen to an artist?

Speaking about his new single, clide says, “curve me is about running after a person and continuing to do so, even though the obviously better thing to do, would be to stop. the song is not too serious, but more lighthearted and a little self ironic. like observing yourself in that situation and being able to laugh about it“.

Listen to “curve me” here:


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