German Band S/M/B Share Their New Track ‘Beauty Is Different’

The musical ensemble S/M/B, bound by a shared passion for music, has cultivated an imaginative and collaborative atmosphere. Their distinctive approach to traditional genres and their innovative fusion of these styles form the crux of their musical identity.

Their latest track “Beauty Is Different” is a testament to this identity. It explores the profound and transformative emotion of falling in love. The song articulates the unexpected serenity and beauty that love introduces into life, even in the face of inconceivable circumstances.

The track underscores the power of love to unite individuals despite their differences, reminding listeners of the enchanting and magical moments that are inherent to this universal human experience.

A graceful and buoyant composition underscores the song’s theme, mirroring the ethereal and delightful facets of love. The lead singer, Clara Fabian, enchants with her emotive voice, while the vibrant melodies of violinist Kristina Hügel injects a joyful splash of colour, creating a pleasant atmosphere sure to uplift spirits.

Sebastian Müller, a Detmold-based musician, bucks the contemporary music trends. A versatile artist with a skillset spanning sound engineering, composing, arranging, and piano playing, Müller has chosen to create distinctive music that transcends trends and styles.

Müller founded S/M/B at the renowned Detmold music academy, earning substantial local acclaim. Today, the ensemble stands as one of the most unique groups in the music scene.

It features 4 vocalists (Anna Borsdorf, Clara Fabian, Karin Peters, and Simon Herten), and 6 wind instrumentalists (Jonas Spieker, Philipp Kaiser, Dominik Hummel, Tobias Hägele, Georg Schmitt, and Anatole Gomersall).

Immerse yourself in S/M/B’s new release “Beauty Is Different” below!


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