German Dream Pop Duo I Want Poetry Release New Track ‘Solace’

“Solace” is the brand new track from German alternative dream pop band I Want Poetry, which sees the band setting out to find the comfort and encouragement that the world so desperately needs these days, as the song says, “there is solace in the quiet and in a tree and in the leaves and in a drop of water“.

I Want Poetry is led by singer Tine von Bergen who carries the song “Solace” with their haunting voice, and as she describes it, “Hope surrounds us: if we allow ourselves to pause and listen, to let it all in. There is comfort in the swaying of the trees. In the flow of water. In a song“.

The other half of I Want Poetry is pianist and composer Till Moritz Moll. Together, they deliver a signature mix of atmospheric dream pop, captivating soundscapes and ethereal vocals to great effect.

“Solace” is the first track from I Want Poetry’s upcoming EP and it is described as cinematic electropop par excellence, with a multi-layered mix of synth rhythms, powerful drums and orchestral strings. They say their music is an eternal interplay of warm nostalgia, serene elegance and a light-flooded glimmer of hope.

The duo got together in 2018 and are fast making a name for themselves as ones to watch in Germany’s electropop landscape, on the back of the release of their debut album Human Touch last year. The album saw them land nominations at both the German Songwriting Awards and European Songwriting Awards.

Listen to their new offering “Solace” below:


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