Gladiator Film ‘Pompeii’ Starring Kiefer Sutherland Releases New Teasers | Film News

Kiefer Sutherland plays villain in Gladiator film ‘Pompeii’


Upcoming Gladiator film Pompeii has released three new clips conveying the different sides of the film we can expect when it is released. Action, drama and romance are displayed in the individual clips released from Pompeii which starts Kiefer Sutherland as the villain, with Kit Harington playing Milo – a prisoner held against his will. In the released clips, Milo can be seen fighting his opponents in the arena, in a dramatic scene with a fellow prisoner Bridgageous and finally interacting with his love interest Cassia.


Pompeii is a new action film set in 79 A.D. and tells the story of Milo, whose village is invaded by the Roman who wipe out the entire village including his family. Captured against his will, Milo is forced to become a Gladiator, fighting opponents to the death for sport. Cassia, played by Emily Browning, is his love interest who is forced to marry a dishonest Roman senator. Milo’s quest involves trying to escape from the Gladiator arena and save his love Cassia. Pompeii will be released in the UK on May 2, 2014.




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