Gold Class – Rose Blind | New Music


Gold Class have just released their new single “Rose Blind” the second single from their upcoming album Drum that will be available on August 18 via Felte.


The song is very strong and has the features that we love more of the Australian band. The dirty sound of the singer voice, the guitar solo and the drum driving the piece. A sound Punk/Rock as always. About the song, the singer said, “for ‘Rose Blind’ I wanted to show the similarities between the strong and the soft sides of human relationships, they may look different but in the end, we all bleed.”


The music video for the single is a little bit different from the previous band’s video, more introverted and almost dangerous, with a Clockwork Orange atmosphere. Adam Curley said about it, “I was trawling through a car wreckers and made a kind of sculpture with a few parts I found. The idea was to examine skin and human figures against these brutal and soft materials – and the dark and light of things – in an uncomfortable way”.




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