Gospel Soul Musician Shelia Moore-Piper Unveils ‘The Love/Soul Session’ EP

Christian Soul artist Shelia Moore-Piper has unveiled her latest musical endeavor, The Love/Soul Session Vol.1, under the Bdm/Ugroove Music label. This EP introduces seven new tracks that blend soulful melodies with smooth, euphonious ballads, marking another significant milestone in Moore-Piper’s illustrious career.

The first single from the EP, “Love Is A Beautiful Thing,” has already made waves on Smooth Jazz and Soul Stations, securing a spot in the top 30 charts. This track, along with “In Time” and the neo-soul groove “Better Days” featuring Glenn GP Piper, Shelia’s husband and producer, showcases Moore-Piper’s flawless vocals and the rich, melodic orchestration that characterizes the EP.

In an era where the essence of pure soul music is becoming ever so rare, Moore-Piper’s The Love/Soul Session Vol.1 emerges as a beacon of heartfelt serenades. The EP’s arrangements—a harmonious blend of guitars, orchestrated strings, and smooth melodic horns—complement Moore-Piper’s voice beautifully, underscoring the rarity of such artistry in today’s music scene.

Based in Houston, United States, Moore-Piper is celebrated for her versatility, with a voice that seamlessly adapts across genres including jazz, hip-hop, R&B, pop, and soul. The Love/Soul Session Vol.1 is a testament to her ability to authentically capture the essence of each musical style, delivering a message of worship, self-love, and hope.

Moore-Piper’s fusion of genres in this EP not only highlights her immense talent but also her potential to inspire through music. “The Love/Soul Session Vol.1” stands as a testament to Moore-Piper’s commitment to spreading universal messages through her unique sound, further solidifying her position as a notable figure in the Christian Soul music landscape.

Listen to The Love/Soul Session below!


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