Grace Pettis Shares New Single ‘I Take Care of Me Now’

Grace Pettis, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter, is back with a new single that’s all about empowerment. Titled “I Take Care of Me Now,” the song is an anthem of self-reliance and resilience.

Written in the aftermath of Pettis’ divorce, the track resonates with themes of strength and personal growth. It’s a reminder that even in the face of adversity, we have the power to stand tall and take control of our lives.

Produced by Mary Bragg and mixed by Jon Estes, the single carries a blend of 90s alt-rock vibes with a contemporary twist. Pettis’ melodic songwriting, coupled with her rich vocals, makes for a compelling listen.

According to Glide Magazine, the song features harmonies reminiscent of artists like Grace Potter and Lake Street Dive. Pettis’ ability to blend personal experiences with universal themes adds depth to the track.

In a statement, Pettis reflects on the collaborative process behind the single. She describes it as a safe and supportive environment, allowing her to be vulnerable while creating art. This intimacy shines through in the song’s emotive lyrics and powerful delivery.

Ruthie Foster, a Grammy-nominated blues artist, praises Pettis’ songwriting, stating, “Grace has a melodic way of writing that not only stays in your head but reads what’s sitting in your soul.”

“I Take Care of Me Now” is the first single from Pettis’ upcoming sophomore album, Down To The Letter, set to release on June 14th via MPress Records. The album promises to be a deeply personal journey, chronicling Pettis’ experiences of betrayal, codependency, and loss.

With contributions from musicians like Josh Kaler, Owen Biddle, and Jordan Perlson, the album captures Pettis at the peak of her songwriting prowess. Each track offers a glimpse into her emotional landscape, showcasing both vulnerability and resilience.

As Pettis continues to evolve as an artist, “I Take Care of Me Now” serves as a testament to her growth and determination. With its empowering message and infectious melodies, the single is sure to resonate with listeners seeking solace and strength.

Listen to “I Take Care of Me Now” below!


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