Griffin Dunne Joins Kevin Spacey In Netflix Biopic ‘Gore’ | Film News


Griffin Dunne is one of those people that really looks like an actor; familiar, but you don’t quite know where you know them from. In Dunne’s case, that’s because you likely haven’t sen him in anything, but that might be all about to change. He’s just signed on to star in the Netflix biopic Gore alongside Kevin Spacey who plays Gore Vidal.


Gore Vidal was a celebrated American writer, but also enjoyed life as a public figure, running for for office twice. He spent large periods of time in Italy throughout his life, hosting famous friends including Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger and Paul Newman. The Netflix film follows “a young man [who] spends a summer in Italy where he meets his idol, Gore Vidal, who teaches him about life, love, and politics“.


Michael Hoffman (The Last Station) directs Gore, which is currently filming in Italy. Andy Paterson is producing.


Dunne, who admittedly divides his time between acting, directing, and producing, will play Leonard Bernstein, the renowned composer most famous for West Wide Story. It’s easy to see an actual resemblance with between Gore and Dunne, more so than any likeness Spacey shares with Vidal.


It was recently announced that Dunne’s Netflix documentary Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold will debut at the New York Film Festival’s Spotlight in October.


Gore, as stated, is currently filming in Italy, due for a 2018 release. Until then.



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