Guillermo Del Toro To Direct James Cameron’s ‘Fantastic Voyage’ | Film News

Guillermo del Toro


We never got to see the mammoth that would have been Guillermo del Toro‘s vision of The Hobbit because he pulled out before Peter Jackson took on the second trilogy from Middle-Earth. Hopefully del Toro won’t pull a similar move with James Cameron‘s Fantastic Voyage; I don’t think I could survive another disappointment like that.


According to the latest news, James Cameron has focused on the Mexican Neo-Gothic director to head his latest ambitious project: Fantastic Voyage. After going through Roland Emmerich, Shawn Levy and Paul Greengrass as potential directors, Fantastic Voyage looked a bit dead in the water despite having a completed script and a producer who is an expert at throwing heaps of cash willy-nilly at projects. That irritating last piece of the jigsaw may have been found and if del Toro takes the job then the production can begin in earnest.


James Cameron has had ambitions to remake Fantastic Voyage for years, after a 1966 film of the same name where a team of scientists are shrunk to atomic size and inserted with a miniature submarine into the body of a fatally ill scientist. Although del Toro has a tonne of other projects under consideration, he’s got to take this one; all that blood and all those internal organs, it’s got Guillermo del Toro written all over it!

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