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It’s always easier on the fans to count down the days until the release of a new album when the relevant band surprises you with a pre-album release of an incredible single. Thankfully, Half Moon Run have been very generous and have somewhat overdone that 4 times over the last 2 months in preparation for their  sophomore album Sun Leads Me On with tracks; “Trust”, “Turn Your Love”, “Hands In The Garden” and now “I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On” getting early releases.


With many bands abandoning their acoustic sound progressing to an electronic based sound in recent years, fans of Half Moon Run’s classic Indie-folk style will be very happy to hear the inclusion beautiful strings, stunning harmonies and up-beat guitar lines… no synths, no keyboards, no electronic sampling. Perfect!


Mutli-instrumentalist explains: “Sun Leads Me On came from a place that felt a little bit like being underwater, but we kept powering through because ultimately we knew it was worth it. We had this beautiful thing, this wonderful chance, but we were also working our way through a lot of darkness, losing lots of friends, struggles at home, losing our sense of home, trying to let the music guide us but having trouble even finding that. There was a lot of strife in it all, but at the same time the sun just kept pulling us forward, and we just kept pushing forward and trying to find beauty in what we do”.


This Montreal based quartet, Half Moon Run, will release their second album Sun Leads Me On on October 23 2015. Click below to hear their latest single “I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On”.




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