Hangout Music Festival @ Gulf Shores – Friday, May 16 – Sunday, May 18 | Events


Wanna have fun in the sun? Dance in the sand with 35,000 others? And listen to some of the hottest music acts around right now? Then get yourself down to Gulf Shores for this year’s Hangout Music Festival from May 16th until May 18th. This is a one-of-a-kind festival that should not be missed by any means. The Hangout Music Festival is host to 70 bands that will make this 3 day festival an experience that will definitely be clogging up your friends Snap Chat stories.


Let me give you a little taster into the sort of acts you will be expecting to see at Hangout – headlining this year are the incredible Outkast, The Black Keys, The Killers and Jack Johnson, and right there are four reasons among many, to get yourself a ticket! For any further information checkout the Hangout Fest website. This is an experience I for one don’t want to just be writing about!



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