Hannah Trigwell – Nobody | Music Video


Pop singer/songwriter Hannah Trigwell has just shared her brand new music video for “Nobody” that is from her debut album RED, which will be available in 2018. She has emerged from Leeds as one of the most successful independent artists online, which she created through her own YouTube channel.


The video for “Nobody” is an intimate and captivating video where Hannah performs emotionally, interlaced with mesmerising scenes from her previously released video “Another Beautiful Mistake”. She explains to One On One Music why she shot the video in that way.


I filmed this in a dusty attic at 3am. I wanted it to be raw, and filled with emotion, because this song is just that. The lyrics are powerful and enthralling and speak about an internal battle to believe in yourself”.


If you can’t get enough of the pop singer she will be at London’s Finborough Arms on December 15.


You can watch Hannah Trigwell’s latest music video for “Nobody” here!




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