Harper Allen Shares New Single ‘Topanga – The Murder Ballad’

Harper Allen, the enchanting new voice of the pop scene, emerges with captivating energy and lyrics that unveil the nuances of her inner world, showcased in her new single, “Topanga – The Murder Ballad”

“Topanga – The Murder Ballad,” released on January 26, is a pop anthem that skillfully balances playfulness and devastation. The lyrics, as intricate as they are poignant, are carried by Harper’s gentle voice, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

Inspired by artists such as Maisie Peters, Noah Cyrus, and Leanna Firestone, Harper masterfully combines soothing vocals with powerful concepts, crafting a captivating atmosphere throughout her music.

At just 24 years old, this talented singer-songwriter has already amassed over 35 million streams with her unique blend of sweet vocals and profound themes. Originally from Minnesota and now based in Los Angeles, Harper began her career as a songwriter, contributing to thematic songs for Nickelodeon and originals for Netflix, some of which soared into the iTunes Top 10 charts.

However, she now focuses on her own narrative, exploring topics such as codependent love, bipolar disorder, sexuality, and self-image through her sincere and thoughtful lyrics. Harper’s talent extends beyond songwriting, as she is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist, honing her craft on stage for over a decade.

The varied musical experience is reflected in her latest single, where subtle acoustic tones give way to an epic construction inspired by classic rock, showcasing the diversity of her artistic talent.

Harper Allen is poised to conquer the scene with the imminent release of her second single scheduled for mid-March. In addition to working on her debut EP, she is setting the Los Angeles music scene ablaze with live performances that leave an indelible mark on her audience.

Through her captivating music and sincere lyrics, Harper Allen establishes herself as an indispensable pop artist, ready to share her story with the world with the same fierceness that fuels her writing. Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting magic of Harper Allen as she continues to redefine the boundaries of contemporary pop.

Listen to “Topanga – The Murder Ballad” below!

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