Hawaiian Pop Artist Jasmine Crowe Shares New Single ‘Sky Is Falling (Acoustic)’

Hawaiian-born artist Jasmine Crowe graces the music scene with her latest release “Sky Is Falling (Acoustic)“.

“Sky Is Falling” is a captivating and deeply touching composition, underscoring Crowe’s candid lyricism and gentle yet powerful vocals. The song eloquently explores themes of loss, yet simultaneously delivers an inspiring and resilient message of hope.

Produced by Keith Weidner, “Sky Is Falling (Acoustic)” is beautifully enriched by the symphony of strings and an exquisite piano arrangement, a musical journey that resonates with the listener’s emotions, inviting them to share in the song’s poignant narrative.

Pop artist, singer-songwriter, and producer Jasmine Crowe hails from the Big Island of Hawaii. Known for her infectious and potent pop melodies, she courageously addresses challenging issues such as mental health and addiction through her music.

Crowe’s groundbreaking 2018 track “Breaking Things” earned her the coveted “Song of the Year” grand prize at the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.

In November 2019, Crowe marked her first Billboard chart entry when her debut album “Symptoms” secured the 28th spot on the dance club charts, buoyed by the success of the track “Chess Game“.

Her 2022 pride anthem “Love is Love” won the social justice award and two additional accolades for outstanding vocal performance in the UO Song Competition and International Songwriting Competition.

Following the success of “Symptoms”, Crowe continued to impress with a string of releases. Her powerful anthem “Red Flags” earned a place on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

Crowe’s remarkable talent has also been showcased in notable publications such as Artsy, Billboard, American Songwriter Magazine, Hollywood Life, Flaunt Magazine, and Guitar Girl Mag. Additionally, her most recent music video received recognition on MTV.

An accomplished musician, Crowe plays the piano, guitar, and violin with equal dexterity. Currently based in Los Angeles, she leverages her production skills and wide-ranging musical abilities to create a distinct and memorable sound in every song she pens.

The new single is available for streaming below:

#Peace.Love.Jasmine Crowe

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