Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘The Wind Rises’ Gets International Release | Film Trailer

Hayao Miyazaki internationally releases film ‘The Wind Rises’


Oscar Award-nominated film director Hayao Miyazaki is a connoisseur in the art of Japanese anime, creating classics such as Spirited Away, Ponyo and Howl’s Moving Castle. His latest film The Wind Rises has now been confirmed to be released internationally, with Touchstone Pictures releasing the film in American theaters on February 21, 2014.


The film is based on the true story of Jiro Horikoshi who designed Japanese fighter planes during World War II. While his work life is chronicled factually, his personal life shown in the film is fictional, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Jiro Horikoshi in the English remake alongside Emily Blunt who plays his wife Naoko Satomi in the film.


This is a story that contains similar themes to Miyazaki’s previous projects, looking at humanity, nature, technology and the complexity of human emotions. The film was released in Japan last summer to critical acclaim and although Miyazaki announced that this would be his last film, he has since withdrawn his statement. The film will be released in the UK on May 9.




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