Hayden Christensen Wants To Reprise Anakin Skywalker Role For ‘Star Wars’ | Film News



In a strange turn of events, it appears one person is more than eager to see the disgruntled young Jedi turned Sith Lord return to the Star Wars Universe. This time it comes as less of a surprise, as actor Hayden Christensen has expressed his desire to return to the role.


During an interview with eTalk, he was asked if he would like to reprise the role. He responded with “Absolutely. In a heartbeat, for sure. Being a part of that world was a huge deal for me, and was a good four/five years of my life. I have fond memories and good friendships from that whole time, but if they ever gave me the call, I would sign up in a heartbeat“.


Though the character itself played a significant role in developing the origins of Darth Vader, fans were less than pleased with his interpretation and the actor’s portrayal of the character. Further disdain was expressed towards Christensen when he was digitally inserted into the closing scene of ‘Return of the Jedi’ of the DVD release, effectively replacing Sebastian Shaw as the character’s ‘force ghost’.


Initial plans were made during in the Force Awakens to see him return as a corruption between Vader and Skywalker, but did not materialise any further. That said, there might actually be something done in the future as the actor has expressed his interest, which surprisingly wouldn’t be a bad thing to see. Watch the full interview here.




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