Heroes Unite In Trailer For ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ | Film Trailer



After this week’s teaser we now have a new full trailer to feast our eyes on. Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavill‘s Clark Kent start with a little chat and predictably Jesse Eisenberg‘s Lex Luthor is up to no good. From the title it is clear the two superheroes do not get on well at first but the new trailer sugggests they will unite against what appears to be a resurrected General Zod (Micheal Shannon) from Man of Steel as the monstrous creature known as Doomsday in the DC comics.


The end of the trailer hints at the Dark Knight and Man of Steel teaming up with Gal Gadot‘s Wonderwoman to take on Doomsday as Superman exclaims: “Is she with you?”. With the Marvel rival Captain America: Civil War becoming one of the most viewed trailers ever, will this trailer reach the same heights.


Watch Below:



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice directed by Zack Snyder is released in the UK March 25, 2016 and looks pretty exciting!



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