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Hinds, a indie-rock girl band from Madrid. They are currently dominating the indie-rock scene across Britain and have also received support from overseas during their first World tour earlier this year. Being female in the music industry has always been difficult, and it’s not getting any easier.


The head of Apple Music, Jimmy Lovine recently had a controversial appearance on CBS’s This Morning. After several sexist comments and inferences regarding women’s ability to choose music for themselves and navigate around music collections, there has been a substantial backlash from music lovers, and listeners worldwide. And Hinds aren’t any different here.


When Carlotta and Ana from Hinds were presented with quotes from the Jimmy Lovine TV appearance during an NME interview, they were disgusted, stating “I think there’s not even one word that’s good in here, I’m so pissed off right now”. Carlotta explains that she was “perfectly alright” with being a woman until she got into the music industry.


They shared some of their experiences of sexism, stating that women are more heavily judged in their appearance, musical ability and performance compared to males in the industry, especially within their genre of music. They then went onto share some personal anecdotes, including details of a recent gig at a store, where they were given free, revealing clothes to perform in. When the girls expressed their concern, the staff said “if anyone sees anything it’s fine”. Full video here (Source: NME.com)


This shows how prevalent sexism really is within society, even within industries that are supposed to be based on freedom of expression and art. Hinds’s debut album, Leave Me Alone is out January 8 2016.



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