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Its been a while since I have heard a really romantic and lusty late night tune, but that all changed when listening to the warm and sensual track from duo Honne with their new single entitled “Warm On A Cold Night” which is filled with amazing old school Soul vocals from singer Andy, and has an essence of Frank Ocean and smooth R&B vibes of Inc echoing through. “Warm On A Cold Night” is set for release on September the 1st via Super Recordings who have worked with the likes of Aluna George and Bondax.


The track is an enticing and romantic mix that follows a couple running away together and features a fictional US radio DJ in the narrative, who introduces Honne by saying, “Ok, it’s 3.17 AM. You’re tuned in with your main man, Tommy Inglethorpe. This next song’s gonna keep you warm on a cold, cold night. So if you don’t got a lover, just close your eyes, and listen, to Honne“. This new song is beautifully created, oozing with feel good vibes and is an impressive and exclamatory statement of things to come from Honne, and is sure to keep the loneliest of souls warm on any cold night! Check it out right here.




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