Hyperfield Explores Complex Dynamics Of Modern Relationships On ‘Frenemy’

2024 is shaping up to be a significant year for Hyperfield as it is making waves in the music scene with their innovative and eclectic sound.

Following the release of their debut single “Therapy” in March, Hyperfield dropped its second single, “Frenemy,” on May 31. Featuring Edinburgh-based vocalist Samira Prentice, “Frenemy” explores the complex dynamics of relationships that oscillate between friendship and enmity.

Originating from Derby, UK musician and producer Stanley MX aims to create music that allows people to “dance their angst away,” no matter their age. Stanley’s journey took him through various UK cities and a three-year stint in Spain before he settled in Scotland to birth Hyperfield.

His method involves writing and recording the songs himself, then collaborating with a diverse group of artists to bring each track to life.

The team behind Hyperfield’s tracks includes mixing engineer Steve Whitfield, known for his work with The Cure, The Mission, and Jah Wobble, and mastering engineer Pete Maher, who has worked with Goldfrapp, Lana Del Rey, Depeche Mode, and Katy Perry. Their combined expertise ensures a polished and professional sound for each release.

This collaborative process results in a unique blend of styles and interpretations, ensuring each song is fresh and unexpected. The Hyperfield logo, often mistaken for a cross, actually symbolizes an addition sign, representing the coming together of different artists on each track.

Hyperfield’s sound is an intriguing fusion of UK Garage, drum and bass, electro-pop, and classical influences from composers like Vivaldi and Debussy. Stanley’s musical repertoire extends beyond keyboards to include bass guitar and drums, which he uses to program the driving rhythms of Hyperfield tracks.

Listen to “Frenemy” here!


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