Idris Elba Confirmed For ‘Star Trek Beyond’ | Film News


With Simon Pegg’s constant mention of his name, it was a pretty sure bet that Idris Elba would be starring in the new Star Trek film. Now though we have unarguable proof. Is he in a new trailer? Are there pictures of him in uniform? Well no, no there is not, but there is a competition being held to raise money for charity. This competition gives fans the chance to win a walk-on role in the film.


What does that have to do with Idris? Well Omaze (the same charity donation company behind JJ Abrams The Force Awakens competition to win a walk-on role) has posted an informal video to promote the competition. This video is full of fun and frivolous activity, brought to you by the cast of the film. Now if you haven’t already guessed, Idris Elba is included in the video, which means that he is in fact a cast member. Woohoo. Star Trek Beyond is set to be released on July 8 next year. And just in case you wanted to be in with a chance of winning a walk-on role, watch the video below.




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