‘InAPPropriate Comedy’ The Only Thing Inappropriate Was The Use Of The Word ‘Comedy’ | Film Review



I am normally a fan of off the wall comedy, to name a few that have stood out over the years I would have to include The Kentucky Fried Movie and the recent Movie 43. These movies are not masterpieces but they are a shining example of directors and writers being given free reign to do whatever they want, this privilege should not have been given to the makers of InAPPropriate Comedy.


Where to start with this film, it is a cocktail of short clips that leaves you with a really foul taste in the mouth,the cast includes everyone who is struggling to hold onto a career or people that should never broadcast outside of YouTube. The highlight, if you can call it that, is the strange, regretful appearance of Oscar Winner Adrien Brody, he plays a charming version of Dirty Harry.


While standing over someone he says ” Go Ahead, make me Gay” he then continues to speak in the same style as Dirty Harry for the rest of the movie, this gets old, very quickly, as does Ari Shaffir, who has moved his YouTube character The Amazing Racist onto the big screen and continues to be racist to paid actors who then act offended!


This movie was painful to watch and makes for a real boring 83 minutes.


Film rating – 1/10



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