Independent LA Musician Claire Brooks Unveils New Single ‘Heartbeat’

Independent singer, songwriter, producer, and performer, Claire Brooks, has released her latest single, “Heartbeat“, from her highly anticipated forthcoming EP, The Human Experience.

Based out of Los Angeles, Claire is a multidimensional talent known for her eclectic blend of indie pop, R&B, and electronic music. “Heartbeat”, released on June 30th, 2023, marks the first single from the new EP, which aims to depict the profound complexity of human existence.

With this project, Claire responds to the rising tide of Artificial Intelligence in modern society by encapsulating the essence of humanity and the significance of the physical human form in her music.

The new track puts the spotlight on the human heart, symbolizing life and vitality, and features Claire’s unique retro-futuristic soundscape.

She masterfully combines live instruments and the Juno 106 synthesizer to forge a nostalgic, cinematic, and mesmerizing sonic experience. Claire’s ethereal vocals and captivating melodies promise an emotional and meditative journey, amplifying an awareness of the heart’s rhythmic pulse.

A recent graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Claire brings a fascinating dimension to her music, finding connections between mathematical shapes, patterns, melodies, and the colors of numbers.

This holistic approach has also led her to integrate her understanding of the creation of sound from movement into her work, manipulating analog synthesizers, production software, and her own vocal abilities.

From an early age, Claire has used music as a diary, a powerful vehicle for her personal expression. Growing up in an artistic family in Los Angeles, she began using her musical skills to educate her peers, creating educational raps about diverse topics.

The empathic connection her music establishes with listeners became evident when she first witnessed the emotional impact of her work during a talent show performance at the age of 16.

The cover art for “Heartbeat” reflects the color palette of the Juno 106 synthesizer and incorporates inscriptions from The Voyager Golden Record.

This represents humanity’s endeavor to explain life on Earth to extraterrestrial beings, mirroring the essence of Claire’s project and inviting listeners to embark on her musical journey.

Following “Heartbeat”, fans can expect additional releases from The Human Experience EP throughout the summer of 2023.

Listen to “Heartbeat” below!


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