Independent Rock Quartlet BLOODHYPE Unveil ‘On & On’ From Upcoming Album

Berlin-based independent rock quartlet BLOODHYPE have released a new single “On & On” from their upcoming debut album MODERN EYES.

Written during the pandemic, the song asks whether normality was ever really that great in the first place, as well as whether we’ll ever return to it.

Elmar Weyland, Erik Laser, Christopher Kohl, and Matt Mueller make up the Berlin-based independent rock group BLOODHYPE.

With its themes of fragile love, existential crises, and mental health, their debut album MODERN EYES finds the ideal place for rock music and masculinity in 2023. Four men who challenge the macho stereotypes of the genre by displaying genuine vulnerability and grit while amusing us along the way.

By challenging the macho stereotypes of what constitutes a rock band in 2023, the 80s-infused sound ironically pushes the idea that everything used to be better.

The Argentine saxophonist Sofia Salvo makes a second appearance in the band on “On & On”, adding an extra touch of flair to the INXS-inspired guitars and hard-not-to-dance-to beat.

Berlin, but not techno; introspective, but not reserved; and analogue, but not retrograde. BLOODHYPE is a typical rock band that will cause you to reevaluate what you previously believed to be a typical rock band.

Come along to their GAS tour this spring to experience the BLOODHYPE for yourself.

Listen and enjoy the new release “On & On” by BLOODHYPE below!


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