Indie Americana Musician Lara Taubman Unveils New Album ‘The Gospel Of Getting Free’

New York-based indie Americana singer-songwriter Lara Taubman is set to release her latest album, The Gospel Of Getting Free, on June 21. This new album marks a significant shift in Taubman’s musical journey, showcasing her growth and transformation following extensive personal work and self-discovery.

Taubman’s career in the arts began as a visual artist and critic in New York City. Her move to Montana sparked a new chapter, leading her to music influenced by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith, combined with her bluegrass roots from Virginia. She debuted in 2020 with Revelation, followed by Blind Spot and Ol’ Kentucky Road, each album exploring themes of trauma, growth, and freedom.

The Gospel Of Getting Free continues this narrative but from a place of renewed mental health and hope. Taubman credits somatic trauma therapy for her emotional transformation, which is reflected in the album’s tracks. Songs like “The Reason I Was Born” and “Sing Your Song” embody a sense of optimism, even as darker themes are explored in “Sugar” and “The Odyssey.”

Produced by Steven Williams, the album combines elements of Americana, gospel, and folk, creating a sound that is both familiar and fresh. Tracks such as “Home At Last” and “The Siren” showcase her distinctive voice and storytelling prowess, reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Patti Smith.

Taubman’s new work promises to be her most transformative yet, providing listeners a deeply emotional and healing experience. The album’s central theme of seeking emotional freedom and joy underscores her journey from trauma to self-realization. Fans can look forward to a rich, immersive musical experience that invites introspection and connection

Lara Taubman’s upcoming album The Gospel of Getting Free, releasing on June 21, 2024, reflects her personal and emotional growth. With influences from her bluegrass roots and icons like Leonard Cohen, this album blends Americana, gospel, and folk.

Taubman attributes her transformation to somatic trauma therapy, which infuses her music with renewed hope. Produced by Steven Williams, the album promises a deeply emotional journey, highlighting Taubman’s distinctive voice and storytelling.

Lara Taubman, an indie Americana singer-songwriter from New York, is set to release her transformative new album, The Gospel of Getting Free, on June 21, 2024. Her career, initially rooted in visual arts, took a musical turn influenced by Leonard Cohen and bluegrass music from her Virginia upbringing. After her debut with Revelation in 2020, she released two more albums, exploring themes of trauma and freedom.

Her latest album, produced by Steven Williams, reflects her emotional healing through somatic trauma therapy. The tracks blend Americana, gospel, and folk, offering a hopeful perspective even on darker themes. This album marks her most transformative work, inviting listeners to a deeply emotional and healing experience.

Watch the music video for “Siren” below, while we wait for the album The Gospel Of Getting Free.


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