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Leo Reilly, further known as LoveLeo, has dropped his debut EP Look At This Mess I’ve Made with the included lead single “Head over Heels”. The LA-based artist stands out for crazy, fashionable styles and an electro pop sound with indie references.


LoveLeo experimented with music and the platform Soundcloud in his childhood, and in 2019, he created his breakthrough single “BOYFREN” in his bedroom while his parents were making dinner. The song went viral and amassed nearly 32 million Spotify streams and over 10 million video views, capturing the top spot on Spotify’s US Viral 50 and Global Viral 50 Charts.


With his music, LoveLeo wants to spread good vibes and based on that, he doesn’t take himself very seriously and he has a unique sense of humor. His new single “Head over Heels” is about emotional chaos and weird feelings for a crush. “Is this how it feels? You got me got me got me got me going head over heels!” he sings in the chorus.


There are lot of funny references in the lyrics and in the video clip as well. “You better take off your shoes, before you run through my mind”, Leo sings with miniature versions of himself sitting on his desk. Furthermore the video sees him editing his face into several objects, even into bowling pins.


LoveLeo, floating through several settings and backgrounds, takes the listener on an audiovisual journey. The overall design of the video is very playful and fits the sound of the single. Leo delivers a catchy ear worm with an indie and pop based sound. Listen to the EP on Spotify and watch the accompanied video for “Head Over Heels” below.




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