Indie Artist Yinka Releases New Single ‘Settled’

Columbia, South Carolina-based singer Yinka has just dropped her brand new single. It is titled “Settled” and is her third release.

“Settled” is a romantic and self-love anthem that is talking about self-worth and the fact that you should not settle for less than you deserve in relationships – both personal and professional. The song is a timeless bop and a hook that is driven by an infectious 808 bass line, and the verses will surround the listeners with soulful vocals, clever lyricism and fun vocal production.

This single was written and recorded in Yinka’s bedroom, and the song perfectly captures this authentic energy, a new artist commanding their sound. Yinka being the producer, writer and performer, she has a total control on her artistry and she loves use this place to make some experimentation.

About the production, she said: “I have a penchant for dreamy, R&B influenced melodies, but I also treasure modern production that allows me to explore alternative and pop music.

As she is combining vocals with songwriting prowess, she hopes to create songs that are both evocative and danceable. She was influenced by R&B giants such as Beyonce, Brandy and Aaliyah and now her music prioritizes vocal performance but isn’t compromising feel-goodness and danceability.

I really cherish songs that manage to be introspective and light at the time, and I think that’s what I was able to do with this one.

Yinka started to record her music in her bedroom during the summer 2017, she released her debut single, “Droplets” in 2020.

Listen to Yinka’s new single “Settled” here:


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