Indie Folk Trio JEMS Release New Single ‘Smoking Gun’

Indie folk trio JEMS has released their new single “Smoking Gun,” a lively song full of sarcasm and energy. The track explores the end of a troubled romance, mixing vintage sounds with psychedelic influences. With fiery harmonies and sharp lyrics, “Smoking Gun” is an exciting preview of what’s to come from JEMS.

The song starts with a strong, catchy beat. JEMS’ harmonies shine, creating a unique blend they call “the fourth voice.” The lyrics, “I could feel the electrical current coming from miles away. Yeah, I know you’ve been talking shit, but are you gonna say it to my face?” capture the song’s cheeky and defiant tone.

JEMS is made up of Jessica Rotter, Emily Colombier, and Sarah Margaret Huff. Their journey began in 2017 during a solar eclipse road trip and impromptu tour. On this trip, they discovered how perfectly their voices blended together. This special blend became the foundation of their music.

Since their start, JEMS has become known in the Los Angeles music scene. Their self-titled debut album and live performances have drawn attention. They were featured in the documentary series “Music Diaries” and performed on NPR/World Cafe Live. In the summer of 2022, they toured with She & Him, gaining more fans and praise.

Now, JEMS is gearing up to release their second album,Back Around, in June 2024. The album promises enchanting harmonies, adventurous instrumentals, and storytelling. With “Smoking Gun,” they give fans a taste of this new music. The song’s bold energy and catchy melody show JEMS’ growth and creativity.

The trio has worked hard to develop their sound. They mix warm, earthy tones with bright, soaring timbres. This unique blend is at the heart of their music. Their new album, “Back Around,” aims to showcase this talent and explore new musical territories.

JEMS’ live performances are a key part of their appeal. Their harmonies and stage presence captivate audiences. They bring a mix of soulful, earthy qualities and bright, lively sounds to their shows. This has helped them build a loyal fan base and gain critical acclaim.

The upcoming album, Back Around, is expected to be a big step for JEMS. It will feature rich three-part harmonies, compelling themes, and emotional depth. The band hopes to connect with listeners through their honest and heartfelt music.

Listen to “Smoking Gun” below!


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