Indie Pop Starlette Halo Kitsch Releases New EP ‘With You (In My Mind)’ For Late Best Friend

Halo Kitsch was raised in a large family and grew up in a modest mobile home park just outside of Los Angeles. She fell in love with the piano at a young age and went on to learn how to play it and make it her favorite location to write songs.

With You (In Mind) is the new six-track debut EP from the Los Angeles indie pop rock singer, songwriter, and musician that pays homage to her best friend Jillian who passed away in January.

Halo is deep, intimate, and detailed throughout these six songs, tackling subjects like substance abuse, addiction, sobriety, codependency, promiscuity, sexuality, depression, and loss in the most brutally honest, intentional, and deliberate way she could, which was only made possible by her sobriety. Halo is cohesive yet diverse and has a clear message.

The menacing rock song “Daddy’s Girl,” which is about witnessing a loved one’s mental health decline, and the heartbreaking ballad “Jillian,” which is named after her late closest friend, are the centerpieces of Halo’s ‘With You (In Mind)’.

Other songs on the EP include “Everything I Have In My Life,” the anthemic “My Heart (Might Need Stitches),” and “My Heart (Might Need Stitches,” is an art song in which Halo Kitsch refuses to exhibit weakness in the face of a turbulent relationship and abusive partner. The stripped-down song “No Money & No Friends,” which she performs to cap the EP, touches on her drug usage and depression in a surreal way.

Speaking about the inspiration behind With You (In Mind), Halo Kitsch says, “This is not about popularity to me, this is about making my life, and my friend Jill’s life, means something. This is about turning all of my challenges into hope.

This project took on something more important after Jill died, and honoring her was the only thing that kept me sober through the pain of missing her. Being with her was like watching myself in someone else. We were so alike. She was stubborn and sassy, and strong – and too sick to see it. Too sad to see how awesome she was. You hear all of that in these six songs. It’s my story, but it’s hers too, and I’m sure it’s someone else’s”.

Listen and enjoy the new EP With You (In My Mind) below!


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