Inklings – Let It Out | New Music



Ex-Fearless Vampire Killers frontman, Kier Kemp, has just released the first song to come from his new musical project, Inklings.


Kemp, along with friend, Michael Lane, started laying down the foundations of Inklings shortly after the split of the former’s band. A newly replenished desire to create meant that no time was wasted in bringing out new music. The resulting single, “Let It Out”, was made available for download today (November 25).


It is quite a leap away from the beloved goth-rock that people had grown accustomed to with Fearless Vampire Killers and instead showcases a revamped, futuristic sound. Despite this change of path, the single has been welcomed warmly by long term fans and has left them thirsty for the next release. It is certainly a promising start for the duo.




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