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One of the most influential and important bands to come out of New York, Interpol are back after a three year break from touring, and they are offering up ten incredible new tracks with their fifth studio album El Pintor which is set for release on September 8, and if you have been looking for a reminder of why you used to love Interpol so much, then here you go… Because these legends have just released another track from their forthcoming album, following their explosive comeback single “All The Rage Back Home” and now latest track “Ancient Ways” is proving that Interpol are coming back hard and powerful, and man is it sounding good!


New track “Ancient Ways” features vocalist Paul Banks singing about tradition bearing down on him, with the songs opening line being “Oooh, f**k the ancient ways”, a pretty bold kick off to the song, immediately grabbing your attention and leering you in for more. The raspy intense vocals coincide so perfectly with the driving drums and full force guitars and the whole song just explodes with passion and intensity that just blows you away after first listen. It is so good to have these boys back and after what we have heard so far, the album is sure to be a ground breaker. Check out “Ancient Ways” below and if you are loving what you’re hearing pre order ‘El Pintor’ here.




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