Iris – I’ll Wait For You | New Music


Spanish born and Montreal based Iris Campo has unveiled her brand new solo track titled “I’ll Wait For You”, which dazzles in electro-pop with a lil funk thrown in for good measure! Campo worked alongside Scott Moffatt who helped her produce her debut EP in Nashville and I’m sure it won’t disappoint! Smooth, sleek, this track is, just oozes cool with a nice 70’s flavour! Speaking about the track, Iris said “when I wrote I’ll Wait For You the lyrics came out fast, like a revelation in a way. It took me 15 mins and they poured out effortlessly. I think, prior to writing this song, I was always trying so hard for it all to make sense, but this one just came out. For me it’s about never giving up on what you truly want in life. It’s that moment when you realize that you can accomplish anything if you put your heart into, and if you’re supposed to be with someone, your paths will surely cross again“. Take a listen here for yourself, this lady is something else!



Photo Credit: John Londono



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