Iroko TV To Widen Its Film Offerings | Film News


Iroko TV, one of the most prominent websites for watching Nollywood and Ghallywood films, has announced that it will soon allow viewers to watch much more than just Nigerian and Ghanaian cinema. The website appears to be widening its genre as it plans to include Hollywood and Bollywood films, Spanish language dramas (Telemundo), Korean language dramas, as well as a host of popular television series.


Already dubbed the ‘Netflix of Nigeria’, Iroko TV certainly seems to be taking cues from the American streaming subscription service with this move. Viewers will need to pay a monthly fee (less than £10 per month) to stream or download these unlimited films, and will also be able to watch on a smartphone if they wish, which is a nice new feature. This monthly fee model will likely upset some movie-lovers, especially since Iroko TV discontinued the free movie service previously available on the site, which attracted roughly 95 per cent of the site’s visitors. A 2-week free trial is currently available to try and convert this high percentage of viewers, but with the clear success of sites like Netflix and Hulu, Iroko TV might be on to a winner with this idea.




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