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At last graduates can breathe a sigh of relief. We finally realise it’s not just us who are unable to secure employment; resorting to lying around at home, torn between eating for the twelfth time that day or filling in yet… another… application… form.


After all this time, movie land is acknowledging the struggles for every day, educated young people who can’t start careers because of the bottleneck of people, the downsizing of businesses, and companies’ disinterest in training. This is all addressed in Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller’s new film Get A Job. Which apparently isn’t actually new. It was made in 2012. Er, wait…


Did it die a premature death to be resuscitated for sudden release next month? Even Anna Kendrick was confused! ‘It’s like a mystery. It’s just never, ever, ever gonna see the light of day,’ she said in 2014. ‘It was two years ago, it was a very topical comedy thing. It was supposed to be we were fresh out of college.


Evidently, films have the same risk factor as new employees. Will it deliver, is it worth the expense, can it bring something new to the table, will it make an excellent cup of coffee etc. Get A Job itself was laid off and placed on the shelf, (its title becoming more ironic as the years passed) and told to wait until the right time.


This, of course, is now thanks to the main stars, Kendrick and Teller, making internationally renowned films, Pitch Perfect and Whiplash respectively, as well as Bryan Cranston, then in his peak of Breaking Bad fame, who is now an Oscar nominee. The cast also includes Christopher Mintz-Plasse (who will hopefully forever remain 22 years old), Alison Brie and Marcia Gay Harden, therefore pulling in the audience the film might not have acquired four years ago.


However, if Get A Job had been released sooner it could have been a newsworthy point of interest; a reflection of society, unemployment and the rise of unpaid internships, and something for us to point to as a key example when storming the government.


Now, though, it’s a bit late… we’re all a bit used to this job-hunting reality. Plus, the trailer, released last week, presents a generic comedy, almost downplaying and simplifying the work struggle. Maybe there’s a lesson in there though. Don’t take life to seriously and just enjoy lying around at home eating that twelfth meal. And just like Get A Job, our days will come.



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