J Lind – I Don’t Know | Music Video



A new year and an excellent SubmitHub find to go with it. Here is introducing 21-year old Arizona singer-songwriter J Lind with the brand new music video for his latest single “I Don’t Know”, which also serves as the title track for his forthcoming debut EP. The visuals, shot in Alberta, and directed by Eric Hayes, are a perfect complement to what is a gloriously beautiful and thought provoking record.


I listen to loads of music everyday, searching for that something that is going to capture my attention, and I can’t speak for anybody else on our editorial team, but this is the only reason I’ll share anybody’s music on here or on We Plug Good Music, and J Lind definitely captured my attention on this “I Don’t Know” record, and I hope he captures yours too. If there is anything to take from this record for your year, it is this – in Lind’s own poignant words, “sometimes the right answer is ‘I don’t know’“.




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