‘Jack Reacher’ Sequel Begins Filming This Autumn | Film News


Despite having built a reputation as a box office flop, Jack Reacher was successful enough to have a sequel greenlit, and it is to begin filming before the end of the year. The film is based on Lee Child‘s ongoing Jack Reacher book series (the 20th book of which will be released later this year), with Tom Cruise yet again taking the titular role.


The first film was based on the ninth novel One Shot, whilst this sequel is based on the 18th book in the series, Never Go Back. As well as skipping eight books and clearly not caring about franchise continuity, there has also been a change of director; Christopher McQuarrie, who directed the first entry and more recently directed Cruise again in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, has been replaced by Ed Zwick, Cruise’s director for The Last Samurai. No release date has been announced yet, but Jack Reacher 2 (based on book 18), is set to hit our screens in 2016.



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