Jacob McCaslin Teams Up With Chelsamina For New Single ‘Doing My Thing’

Swedish born artist and producer Jacob McCaslin has teamed up with American singer Chelsamina to release a new single titled “Doing My Thing”.

The single is a celebration of freedom, the freedom that often comes when we embrace imperfection. The lyrics of the song’s verses are making fun of the mediocrity of societal homogenization. The feel-good chorus is a simple one-line that is sung by Chelsamina’s sultry voice.

In his production, Jacob McCaslin is giving importance to the idea that our flaws are what are defining the singularity of human experience and that is why this track feels raw, organic and exciting.

Jacob McCaslin is a 25-year-old Swedish born multi-instrumentalist known for fusing R&B vibes with bluesy guitar embellishment. He became popular when he was a teenager on his YouTube channel covering classic songs as a one-man band.

He has now worked as a recording engineer on tracks featuring artists such as Stevie Wonder, Byron Miller or Bon Iver.

Chelsamina is a unique voice and brings us back to the classic R&B with her deep tones and lyricism that have a timeless but still nostalgic fashion. She drew her influence from some of R&B soul’s greatest female artists such as Mariah Carey, Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse

In her songs, she explores the themes of love, loss as well as personal growth offering a reflection on this as she lives in a fast and volatile generation. Her views and narrative are shapes by her experiences from the film, beauty and music industries.

Listen to this perfect collaboration of Jacob McCaslin and Chelsamina for “Doing My Thing” here:


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