James Bay – If You Ever Want To Be In Love | Music Video



The man who has as much soul as an army of men combined… or do I mean hair… nevertheless, James Bay is back with a bang with the music video “If You Ever Want To Be In Love”. This lovable character who has managed to skyrocket to a height of success folk-rockers and indie-folkers aspire to but fail to achieve, is making it look easy with his catalogue of fantastic tunes, this one especially.


“If You Ever Want To Be In Love” was released as this Englishman’s 4th single all the way back in August from his debut album Chaos and The Calm. Talking about the track to PopCrush, Bay claims “the song is kind of referencing that whole part of your life where you leave and whenever you come back to visit, there’s those things that make you think ‘What if I hadn’t left’”. Directed by Sophie Mueller, the video potentially takes you back to the venues not too different to those he left behind. Click on the video below to watch:




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