James Franco To Direct Movie On How ‘The Room’ Was Created | Film News

James Franco to direct a film on how ‘The room’ movie was made


James Franco (Spiderman, 127 Hours) will direct a film on the making of 2003 film The Room, which was labelled as “the worst movie ever” by film critics and went onto become a cult classic ten years after its debut. Originally created by and starring Tommi Wiseau, The Room also starred Greg Sestero who, following the negative feedback the film received, wrote a book on his experience called The Disaster Artist a few years later.


James Franco has bought the rights to Sestero’s book, with him and brother Dave Franco playing Wiseau and Sestero, writing duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (40 Year Old Virgin) will produce the film. James Franco will also direct and produce the film under his studio Rabbit Bandini Productions alongside Rogen and Goldberg’s Point Grey Productions. No announcements have been made on when filming will begin.



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