James Gunn Wants Marvel To Make ‘The Runaways’ Movie | Film News


James Gunn, the guy who brought us Guardians of the Galaxy, is backing and putting forward the idea that Marvel should make a film from the comic series The Runaways. In a recent Q&A session with fans, he said, “I love the Runaways. I was just talking with the Marvel folks the other day about how that movie should be made. Great work by Brian Vaughn in the original series“.


‘The Runaways’ follows a group of six kids, who find out an awful secret: their parents are actually all members of a secret, powerful group known as ‘The Pride’ who want to destroy the world. Surprise surprise, they cant just sit back and watch their parents ruin the world, so they ‘Runaway’ from home to stop them. If you remember, Iron Man 3 scriptwriter Drew Pearce wrote a script for The Runaways in 2010 but Marvel shelved it to focus on The Avengers. We will keep you posted if anything comes of this.



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