Jamie Foxx To Star In Film Reboot ‘Spawn’ | Film News


Following his performance in The (not so) Amazing Spider-Man 2, Jamie Foxx returns to the comic genre: the Oscar-winning actor is set to play the eponymous anti-hero Spawn in a new film adaptation of the ’90s Image Comics books by Todd McFarlane.


Foxx will portray Al Simmons, a CIA operative whose destiny takes a turn after other Black Ops agents murder him and he is offered a chance to come back from the dead as a Hellspawn warrior.


This reboot from Blumhouse Productions intends to deliver an upgraded version of the previous Spawn movie. Todd McFarlane, the creator of the character, will make his directorial debut on the low-budget feature, retaining full creative control over the project.


“I will be directing my first full-length feature, and I fully understand the need to surround myself with as much skill, talent and passion as possible” McFarlane declared in a statement.


“To now have an Academy Award-winning actor like Jamie Foxx, along with the dedication of Blumhouse Productions, will not only make my directing job that much easier, but, more importantly, will bring a level of quality and star power that most first-time directors could only foolishly dream of”.



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