Janet Jackson Announces ‘State Of The World’ Tour | Music News


Janet Jackson has been rather quiet since the rumours about her divorce surfaced. However fans stumbled across a countdown on her site www.janetjackson.com that has us all wondering what this countdown could possibly be for.


I tried to do a little snooping myself to see if this was about the tour that she decided to cancel when she decided to focus on starting a family with her husband or if it is signalling a whole new project. No one can be for certain but I guess there’s no better way to get people checking up on you than with a little anticipation for something unknown.


Janet has managed to sustain a long term career and I am sure whatever she is sharing with us will be refreshing and content that the fans will most certainly appreciate.


It turns out the clock was counting down to Janet Jackson announcing her brand new 4-month ‘State Of The World’ tour, which will begin on September 7, and will see the Pop icon touring 56 cities across North America.




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