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Chilean Electropop musician Javiera Mena is bringing the hedonism and humorous anime glasses to the stage with dates in Europe on the horizon. Arriving from a March trip to Argentina, she will perform in Spain in April, specifically Valencia (MBC Fest on April 4), Madrid (Ocho y Medio Club on April 9) and Barcelona (Music Hall on April 15). Javiera Mena is yet to perform regularly in the UK (apart from one small show at The Old Blue Last in 2012), but with the accessibility of her music becoming more apparent, her publicity abroad spiraling out of control, and a hint that there will be more dates announced soon, there could be a real possibility. To stay to up to date go to Mena’s website.


The Otra Era (Another Era) tour is to plug her third album of the same name and it’s likely she will perform the major singles from it, “La Joya” and “Espada”. Both videos for said songs were typically Mena for their disorganized CGI effects but she has added a promiscuous nature to the iconography and branding (including the explicit album cover that seems like it’s part of Iceland’s ‘Free The Nipple’ campaign), and a love for pop culture which demonstrates a fun personality away from the heartbreak themes of yesteryear.


Her stage performances on this tour reflect this freedom with laser beams and DJ sets, and she controls every aspect from the sound effects, lights and bases, inducing infectious dancing from the audiences. The new album also moved her sound away from nostalgic and romantic synthpop into modern club territory and continues to rise her status as one of the most important Chilean pop artists performing today. As a sign of her popularity, the tour began two months ago with a sold out set at The Cariola Theater of Santiago de Chile, where some fans queued for twelve hours. Maybe once she steps foot on British soil, she will have a similar effect.




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